We should always celebrate when we get good service as customers, since there are so many complaints to be heard about poor dealings by providers. Here are my two experiences, which I was happy with.


Went for gas and I remembered that the last time I was there, the Attendant told me oil was a bit low but it didn’t have to be topped up yet. Today I asked the Attendant (a different one) to check it for me. While he was doing that, I took out extra money for a tip – the regular amount I would give for such service. Yes, I know, they will tell you that it is a part of the station’s service but sometimes I give a little extra.

After he finished checking the oil (“it can go a bit still”), I noticed that he went over to the other side of the car’s engine area. I asked if it was the battery he was checking. He said no, it was the Coolant. Then he said he was going to check the Transmission fluid. I thought “wow….others might have just checked what I asked to be done.” So I doubled the tip. 

During this service encounter, he also informed me that the station was now being operated by Total again, as the Dealer had given back the station. He then told me what the gas price was before, and what the lower price is now. This was after he told me that they were out of oil. He told me that there was another gas station nearby which would have it, if I wanted to get it today. So he was also informative.

When I was leaving, he wished me a good day and added “drive safely.” Definitely two thumbs up.


During Christmas shopping in this store, I bought an HDMI cable. The last time I bought one, it had regular straight ends. The Attendant suggested I buy one where one end is perpendicular because depending on the positions of some televisions, the straight end one may not work. Not sure why I listened to him. I went back to Grenada and when I tried to attach the cable, it would not fit, based on the design of the back of my TV. By now, I had thrown away the receipt and the packaging.

On the off chance that the owners would be reasonable, I carried it back to Jamaica. The lady who I first dealt with first made it sound like it would be impossible. She asked for both the receipt and packaging as they wouldn’t know how much it cost. I asked her if she couldn’t use the current price. I think maybe she thought I wanted the money back. So I explained that I wanted an exchange.

She then asked the boss and he too asked for receipt and packaging. I told him that I didn’t expect it not to work and that I don’t keep receipts for any length of time. He also commented on not knowing the price to put back in the system etc. I asked him to do the best that he could do and so I got back the straight end cable, without the receipt and without the packaging. It was a very cordial conversation. 

So I was very pleased with both encounters. The gas station is one I go to all the time, so I will continue going of course. I wouldn’t go to Electro-World very often but certainly if I have any electronic needs, that will be my first option because they gave me, the customer, what I wanted.