Harvard Business Review…excellent content

Very often on a Sunday, I listen to Harvard Business Review’s “Ideacast” on SoundCloud. Several times during the week, I read their latest articles.

Their content provides a great launchpad for ideas for your own organization, no matter what your role is.

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No-hassle Customer Service>

It is so refreshing when service organisations offer no-hassle customer service. I recently ordered and paid for a three piece KFC combo from the store in Grand Anse in the south of Grenada. When I nearly reached home and looked in the box, I noticed that there were only two pieces in the box. I immediately sent an email with photos of the evidence.

After a few emails and a follow up telephone call, I got a return call from one of the company’s representatives. There was no discussion about why I did not carry back the box when I realized the error. Instead, there was the immediate offer of more chicken. I had recently started a (nother!) diet and when I mentioned this, the rep. quickly suggested a Subway salad instead.

I was really really pleased and of course I will think about patronizing this company again. Well done!

Another good Customer Service experience

I like to recognize when companies give service. Have you ever tasted Walkerswood products? They are divine! I used to buy another brand of Jerk Seasoning until a friend said “Walkerswood is the best” and she was right. Their Solomon Gundy has the best consistency I have tasted. Imagine my anxiety when on my last trip to Jamaica, there was none available in any of the supermarkets I had tried….and I had been to several.

Delicious Herring Paste

Delicious Herring Paste

Company websites are famous for having  ‘Contact Us’ being unmanned. I sent a message anyway.  Did I sound desperate enough?

Good day,
I just called your office to say I have been to 4 supermarkets this week. Losushans,  Welcome, Sovereign and Superplus.  Is there a problem with the supply? None anywhete.  I am leaving the island on Monday and would love to get some without having to come to Beechwood Avenue.

This was sent 3 days before my departure. I was not hopeful. And then, within 17 minutes, my email notification went off that Sean Garbutt had sent me an email.

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