Learning Alert: Digital Strategies

As I look towards 2018 and a changing work situation, I am trying to refresh skills which would serve me well from 2018. I decided to invest in this event run by Christian Junior. If I learn with 2 new skills, I would be happy. 

Here is Christian in action.



Techy Learning

Learning is a good thing, especially when you do it by trial and error. There is a sense of accomplishment in figuring out something on your own, just by using all the resources available, including the brain.

Since 2012, I have made a concerted effort to do away with the old way of doing things and only sticking to what I knew and was comfortable with. The first time I saw a friend with an iPad, I ‘pffffed’ at their need to ‘follow fashion,’ as Jamaicans would say. I then remember being with another friend one day and she took out her iPad to show me some pictures. I got a close up view of the gadget. A trip to New York later that year saw me heading to THE Apple store soon after arriving. Expensive, yes, but it has been well worth it. 

That was the significant event which led to other tech-type developments such as the creation of this website after going to a Bootcamp to learn how to do the basics and get the hosting set up.

Applying this new found technology interest to my professional life, I started to explore various tools that could be used to help employees work more efficiently. The latest search is for a collaboration tool which does not cost any money. Who doesn’t like free things?

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“What have you been up to?”

Facebook asks this question. I haven’t been blogging often so if you were to ask me “what have you been up to?” my answer is …helping clients!

Isn’t that how it is? Business owners spend most of their time working on other people’s businesses and neglect aspects of their own? Then again, one could argue that by working on other people’s businesses, you are indirectly working on yours, since excellent results will lead to more business!

"What have you been up to?"

“What have you been up to?”

What are your thoughts on this?