Services Provided

The range of services extends from evaluation of your service delivery to providing customised solutions to improve service to your customer segments. We take a four-pronged approach to assisting small and medium sized companies. 

Once we have agreed on terms, we will:-

  1. assess the client’s needs relative to their service philosophy and strategic objectives;
  2. observe employees in their normal work environment to identify and clarify needs;
  3. customise operational, human resource systems and training solutions for all levels of employees to address gaps in performance, and
  4. monitor employees’ behaviour in their work environment to improve transfer of learning.

Michelle in action

In the normal process of our work, we review your systems and make recommendations for changes, in order to achieve your service objectives.

We can also review existing documentation contained within your Performance Management system and assist in updating them relative to your service objectives. These include Job Descriptions, Task Inventories, Training Plans and Evaluation (Performance Appraisal) Forms. 

The following gives more specifics on some of the services we provide:-

  • Service Evaluation & Recommendations
  • Customized Training, including:-
  1. Customer Service Excellence
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Performance Management Documentation
  4. Training Skills
  5. Communication: The Basics
  • Hospitality-specific Topics

  1. Restaurant Service
  2. Room Service
  3. Food Safety
  4. Front Office Management & Operations
  • Performance Management Support, including

  1. Creation of a Performance Management System (if none in place)
  2. Review of Performance Management System (if in place)
  3. Documentation e.g. Job Descriptions, Training Plans, Task Inventories, Evaluation Forms
  4. Employee Development recommendations
  • Recruitment Support, including

  1. Review of existing recruitment methods
  2. Creation of documents to help assess competencies (for Line & Supervisory employees)
  3. Coaching in Interviewing techniques
  4. Screening of candidates