Michelle L. McDonald
 supports small and medium sized business owners to achieve organisational goals through employee competence and operational efficiency. The result is customer retention. Michelle’s skills has been honed during several years of operational management, service delivery and human resources development experience across several sectors in the Caribbean.


Michelle L. McDonald

She has held various managerial roles in Jamaica and Grenada, including Assistant Training & Development Manager and Human Resources Manager. More recently, in 2013 she completed an eight year stint as the first Human Resource Development Manager at the five star award-winning Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada.  She had earlier spent four years there in operational roles and left a legacy of increased efficiency through revised systems and procedures as well as employee training and development.

In 2013, Spice Island Beach Resort was ranked as the #1 resort in the Caribbean according to traveller reviews on Trip Advisor. The resort has won many international awards.  American Automobile Association (AAA) scores from incognito visits increased by 48%, also under Michelle’s tutelage.  Michelle left the resort with an excellent platform on which to build. She now shares her expertise with other organisations where service is critical to their success.

She continues to serve on the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Human Resource Council (CTHRC), a way to give back after receiving a scholarship from the CTO in 2001. Other personal accolades include winning ‘Department of the Year’ when she was both Restaurant Manager and Human Resources Manager at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel,  testament to the ease with which she establishes positive work relationships using the principles of Emotional Intelligence.

After completing her Masters in Tourism & Hospitality Education at the University of Surrey (UK) in 2002, she was published in the academic journal ‘International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management’ and also contributed a book chapter to the textbook ‘Caribbean Tourism: People, Service and Hospitality’ published in 2005.

Michelle’s adaptability is evident as she has successfully taught college courses in the United Kingdom and Jamaica, as well as delivered customised training solutions in Jamaica, Grenada, Trinidad, St Kitts & Nevis and Antigua, to all levels of employees.

Propelling organisations to achieve service excellence, Michelle will: 

  • assess the client’s needs relative to their service philosophy and strategic objectives;
  • observe employees in their normal work environment to identify and clarify needs;
  • customise operational, human resource systems and training solutions for all levels of employees to address gaps in performance, and
  • monitor employees’ behaviour in their work environment to improve transfer of learning.

 A firm believer in the value of work~life balance from one’s defined personal vision, Michelle incorporates this philosophy in her work with clients. She combines her love of cricket and writing by interviewing International Cricketers for a leading website.  Michelle has also taught Tourism to Primary School students and continues to mentor at-risk male youth.  She also has an interest in technology and has dabbled in web development, creating this and other websites.

Applying innovative thinking in her work with clients, Michelle will create solutions designed to increase customer satisfaction and achieve service objectives.