I like to recognize when companies give service. Have you ever tasted Walkerswood products? They are divine! I used to buy another brand of Jerk Seasoning until a friend said “Walkerswood is the best” and she was right. Their Solomon Gundy has the best consistency I have tasted. Imagine my anxiety when on my last trip to Jamaica, there was none available in any of the supermarkets I had tried….and I had been to several.

Delicious Herring Paste

Delicious Herring Paste

Company websites are famous for having  ‘Contact Us’ being unmanned. I sent a message anyway.  Did I sound desperate enough?

Good day,
I just called your office to say I have been to 4 supermarkets this week. Losushans,  Welcome, Sovereign and Superplus.  Is there a problem with the supply? None anywhete.  I am leaving the island on Monday and would love to get some without having to come to Beechwood Avenue.

This was sent 3 days before my departure. I was not hopeful. And then, within 17 minutes, my email notification went off that Sean Garbutt had sent me an email.

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your email and valued support of our Walkerswood products.

We have been having some challenges with the supply of our classic Walkerswood Solomon Gundy. We are well on the way to a solution that will allow us to have both our local and export markets fully stocked once again.

In the meantime, we do have a list of stores from our local Distributor that received our Solomon Gundy yesterday, which means they should be back on the shelf by today or tomorrow morning at the latest:

  • Loshusan Smkt – Barbican
  • Mega Mart – Waterloo
  • Brooklyn – Twin Gates & Clock Tower
  • Lee’s Smkt – Red Hills Rd.

 We do apologize for the inconvenience and wish you a wonderful weekend and safe travels.

 Kind regards,


Excellent service! Even though I was loyal to them before, I am even more committed to always buying Walkerswood products in the future. Can’t wait for them to bring back their ‘Run Down’ sauce.